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What David Guo plays a role in the Hit MMO Game Evony


The hit MMO strategy game Evony appeals to players most strongly, not only for the number of amazing downloads, but it also won the NYX Silver Award in the 2022 NYX Game Awards Season 1 cycle. David Guo (Yaoqi Guo) played an important role as the project leader of the game.

Evony’s full name is Evony: The King’s Return, an epic Real-Time MMO (massively multiplayer online game) that starts its storyline with the selection of civilizations, and players can draw expertise from legendary generals to expand their kingdom.

I started playing Evony last year and was attracted by the extraordinary immersive experience, the realistic scene design, the fun game strategies between the alliances, and many other features that are so fascinating. Therefore, I recommended it to my friends.

In the process of playing the game, as well as discussing the game strategy with my buddies and leveling up, I was also curious about who the team behind this exciting game was. I am checking multiple sources on the internet to further understand the team behind them for interested players and share the useful information I have found here.

The company behind Evony is Top Game Inc., whose CEO is David Guo. There are hundreds of employees who work together to develop fun games.

What kind of role does David Guo play?

Top Game Inc. not only developed the game Evony but also developed a number of other types of games, such as:

Mafia Origin is a Mafia-theme strategy game that started with a family being killed and land being invaded by the Mafia.

Plague of Z is a military strategy game in which zombies attack and recruit survivors. Players must lead their armies to survival, break through the siege, and find a safe haven. Players can go and search for the relevant information. Interested players can search for information about the other games developed by the company.

David Guo particularly keeps an eye on the game experience of players. David Guo leads the team at the beginning of the project. He has insightful direction and the team has proactive execution. The team tests products or services over and over again to implement the best option and to scale up as quickly as possible. and strive to constantly improve the game experience.

After Evony won the award, David was also interviewed by TechBullion, and philosophy In the interview, he detailed the company’s concept of developing games and views on the game industry, such as the biggest challenge for the team, the analysis of the game industry, etc.

Especially in the strategy game industry, he believes that games are becoming increasingly user-oriented. Players know their own preferences and love to spend more time and money on games they like that provide an entertaining user experience.

With the competition increasing substantially. Only the highest-quality and most user-oriented games will survive.

At the same time, David Guo thinks there will likely be a technological revolution. He expects VR to become a mainstream technology in the next decade.

When asked what had inspired David Guo to devote himself to developing strategy games, he said:

“The people from different times and stages in my life taught me a lot. I keep learning from the best people. I benefit from their insight. “

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