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To Understand Buffs and Usage the Ranged-troop General Subutai in Evony?


Evony’s new General Subutai released during the Arena Event is a Mongol General who conquered more territory than any other commander during the expansion of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century. As an Epic Historic General, Subutai is a good ranged-troop General. Please read this article to learn his story, special skill, and specialty. And the way to get him and the recommendation to use him will be shown in the end.

General’s Story

In the icy grasp of 1241, the Mongol commander, Subutai, steered his cavalry across the Sajó River. With stealthy maneuvers, he positioned his forces behind the unsuspecting Hungarians, setting the stage for a surprise assault under the cloak of night.
The Mongol cavalry, swift as lightning, plunged the Hungarians into turmoil. Encircling the enemy, they braced for a defiant counterattack. Just as a deadlock loomed, Subutai ingeniously ordered a strategic retreat, leaving a deliberate escape route. Exploiting this tactic, he broke the stalemate and rapidly crushed the fleeing enemy. When the dust settled, tens of thousands of foes had fallen, and with minor losses, Subutai triumphed at the Battle of the Sajó River, thereby securing Eastern Europe for the Mongol Empire.
Over his lifetime, Subutai led numerous campaigns, garnering notable victories. His strategies echoed across the vast Eurasian continent, earning him a place in history as one of its most far-reaching military commanders.

Evony Epic Historic General Subutai
Evony Epic Historic General Subutai

Subutai’s Specialty (Max level attributes)

  • Ranged Troop Formation: Ranged Troop Attack and Defense +10%
  • Siege: March Size Capacity +6%; Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack +10%
  • Ranged Troop Ares: Ranged Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Battle of Mohi: Ranged Troop Attack +35%; Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense +25%

How to get Subutai?

You can get General Subutai in the Historic General Summoning. And during the Arena Event, Evony will increase the probability of summoning Subutai greatly.

Get Subutai at Historic General Summoning Event
Get Subutai at Historic General Summoning Event
In addition, you can also have a chance to receive Subutai from Epic Historic General Token and Epic General Token. And there are some paths to get the tokens:
  1. The 5th tier of the Event Package – Epic Historic General (Premium)
  2. Alliance Competition – Reach certain monarch scores. (Different league groups request different scores to get the General Token Chest (which can be opened to get a chance of receiving Epic General Token) or Epic Historic General Token.
  3. VIP Premium Package – Purchase the premium packages of VIP 1 and VIP 4 to get the General Token Chest, and purchase the premium packages of VIP 11 to 25 to get Epic Historic General (Premium).
  4. Champion Loyalty Rewards – Reach a certain level to claim rewards including General Token Chest or Epic Historic General (Premium)
  5. Limited Offer
  6. Alliance Duel – Use Duel Coins to redeem the Epic Historic General (Premium) Fragment in Alliance Duel Shop.

How to use Subutai?

Under the conditions of max-stars special skill and max-level specialty, Subutai’s whole attributes are as follows.
  • Ranged Troop Attack +130% and Attacking Ranged Troop Attack+10%
  • Ranged Troop Defense +115%
  • Ranged Troop HP +45%
  • Siege Machine Attack +10% and Attack Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine Defense +55%
  • Siege Machine HP +15%
  • March Size +14%
  • Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +10%
According to the buffs above, Subutai can be the main General of ranged troops to attack or reinforce. But his attributes are not suitable as Douglas’s when he leads the army to attack. Based on the description of his special skill, Subutai is more suitable to reinforce others.

Recommended Skill Book:

  1. Lv4 Ranged Troop Defense
  2. Lv4 Ranged Troop HP
  3. Lv4 Ranfed Troop Range Bonus
  4. Lv4 March Size
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