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The General and Decorations You Can Get during Summer Festival Night Event


Summer Festival Night Event is an important way to get massive decorations in Evony. And during this period of the event, Evony released a new Japanese General. Let’s take a look at the details of items we can get at this event.

Join the Summer Festival Night Event in Evony
Join the Summer Festival Night Event in Evony

New General – Takenaka Shigeharu

Special Skill: When the General is the Main City Defense General, In-city Siege Machine Attack +50%, In-city Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +45%
You can redeem this General in the Treasure Hall on the Summer Festival Night event page.
It needs to consume 300 Food Seals to redeem General Takenaka Shigeharu.
You can get the Food Seal by using the Food Stamp Card. (Acquisition ratio is 1:1)
The Food Stamp Card can be received from the event package and Daily Activity 50 and 110.

Summer Festival Night Decorations

  1. Castle – City of Music

Own to activate:
  • Construction Speed +10%
Use to activate:
  • Attacking Ranged Troop Attack, Defense, and HP +8%
  • Marching Ground Troop Attack +8%
You need to consume 1,200 Food Seals to unlock the City of Music castle.

  1. Marvelous Decoration Chest

You can select one of the following decorations:
  • Summer Coolness Avatar Frame
  • Frost Lion March Effect
  • Crazy Feather (Permanent) March Effect
  • Ice Lion Avatar Frame
Evony Crazy Feather March Effect
Evony Crazy Feather March Effect
You can use 60 Food Seals to redeem a Marvellous Decoration Chest.

  1. Avatar Frame – The Great Wave

You can consume 30 Food Seals to redeem The Great Wave Avatar Frame.

  1. March Effect – Palanquin Parade

You can consume 60 Food Seals to redeem the Palanquin Parade March Effect.
Evony Palanquin Parade March Effect
Evony Palanquin Parade March Effect

Rare Treasures & Wonder Toys

You can redeem items including Refining Stone, Runestone Chest, Dragon Crystal, Dragon Source Fragment, Material Bag (Silk Road), Treasure Box, Tactic Scroll, and 3-Hour Speed Up in two categories.
While there are also some special items in each category. And these two categories require different things to redeem rewards. Redeeming Rare Treasures needs to use Food Seals but redeeming Wonder Toys needs to use Game Seals.
The Game Seal can be obtained by consuming the Came Stamp Card. And you can get the card from resource spots and monsters.

No.1 Items only on Rare Treasures page:

  • Crimson Crystal – A necessary item for upgrading the quality of Spiritual Beasts.
  • Blood Crystal – A necessary material for upgrading Spiritual Beast Seals.
  • Blood of Ares – A necessary item for General to ascend.
  • Medal
  • Research Stone
  • Source of Life
  • Soul Crystal
  • Monarch EXP
  • General EXP
  • Spiritual Beast EXP

No.2 Special items on Wonder Toys page:

Wonder Toy
Unlock Requirement
Redeem Chance(s)
Consumable Number of Game Seal(s)
Wind Chime
Temple Fair Lv2
Cool Watermelon
Temple Fair Lv4
Refreshing Coconut Juice
Temple Fair Lv6
Sunny Doll
Temple Fair Lv9
Rainy Doll
Temple Fair Lv12
Temple Fair Lv15
Temple Fair Lv18
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