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Server Merger: What Players Need to Know


In a bold move to elevate the gaming experience, Evony is orchestrating a server merger that promises to reshape the landscape of the game. This strategic consolidation will see two servers meld into one shared world map, while still allowing players to access the game from their original server. Rest assured, all personal data (including the buildings’ level, VIP level, Gems, Gold, resources, subordinate cities, Generals, troops, and items.), will remain intact. The higher SvS ranking will determine the new server’s number. That means players will not lose any of their personal data. As we delve into the specifics of this merger, including the server pairs set to merge and the transformative changes on the horizon – from the dissolution of Alliance Buildings to the resetting of rankings and the random relocation of players on the new world map.

The Server Merger Will Happen To The Following Pairs:

Server 1Server 2
Server 14Server 186
Server 190Server 19
Server 163Server 47
Server 52Server 211
Server 64Server 227
Server 131Server 70
Server 250Server 73
Server 243Server 75
Server 82Server 139
Server 86Server 280
Server 93Server 205
Server 261Server 98
Server 120Server 210
Server 204Server 138
Server 153Server 326
Server 233Server 170
Server 196Server 256
Server 331Server 198
Server 249Server 199
Server 339Server 219
Server 327Server 221
Server 222Server 305
Server 321Server 234
Server 247Server 354
Server 253Server 357
Server 405Server 254
Server 410Server 255
Server 265Server 380
Server 307Server 268
Server 267Server 404
Server 417Server 277
Server 403Server 298
Server 425Server 322
Server 440Server 330
Server 439Server 352
Server 368Server 434
Server 441Server 369
Server 432Server 374
Server 451Server 381
Server 445Server 394
Server 433Server 393
Server 449Server 396
Server 457Server 408
Server 531Server 443
Server 447Server 477
Server 538Server 452
Server 458Server 500
Server 455Server 498
Server 475Server 427
Server 471Server 492
Server 459Server 496
Server 553Server 504
Server 505Server 542
Server 537Server 522
Server 523Server 460
Server 548Server 616
Server 480Server 479
Server 473Server 510
Server 539Server 565
Server 569Server 540
Server 557Server 558
Server 549Server 528
Server 579Server 624
Server 605Server 583
Server 585Server 630
Server 592Server 647
Server 586Server 617
Server 633Server 587
Server 589Server 634
Server 612Server 591
Server 595Server 598
Server 596Server 608
Server 669Server 643
Server 660Server 561
Server 655Server 684
Server 662Server 702
Server 692Server 656
Server 653Server 734
Server 424Server 413
Server 664Server 713
Server 683Server 665
Server 667Server 668
Server 686Server 679
Server 718Server 741
Server 691Server 685
Server 723Server 709
Server 736Server 708
Server 693Server 725
Server 752Server 690
Server 704Server 727
Server 721Server 749
Server 731Server 722
Server 719Server 724
Server 775Server 753
Server 755Server 786
Server 789Server 756
Server 784Server 762
Server 767Server 790
Server 771Server 768
Server 777Server 783
Server 778Server 772
Server 779Server 785
Server 769Server 776
Server 806Server 792
Server 791Server 807
Server 795Server 805

Alliance Adjustments: Building Removals and City Rebuilding

Post-merger, Alliances will persist but their buildings will be removed. Players will be randomly relocated on the new shared map. Alliance Cities can be rebuilt without cost unless they were in the process of being built. Donations and stored resources will reappear after the Alliance Warehouse is rebuilt.

Subordinate Cities: Retention and Absorption

Players will retain their original subordinate cities. The server with a higher SvS ranking will keep its original subordinate cities and absorb the non-NPC cities from the other server, which will lose its NPC cities.

Gameplay Resets: Bookmarks, Resources, and Rankings

Bookmarks will be deleted, and all resource spots, monsters, and relics will reset. Troops outside will return to their city automatically. Rankings will be reset and refreshed based on the new server data, with the SvS and Battlefield rankings reflecting the higher-ranked server number.

Empire Identity: Names, Titles, and Throne War

The Empire name, Kings, and Titles will remain for the higher-ranked server and be deleted for the lower-ranked one. Throne War will restart 24 hours post-merger. Players who unlocked The Monarch’s Glory will retain it; others will need to become King twice again.

Temple Effects, Monarch Competition, and Player Names

Temple Effects will be removed, and the Monarch Competition Event will reset with the last stage event’s rewards being sent. World chat messages, Undead Event and Monarch Competition records will be removed. Duplicate player names will be numbered (e.g., Evony 1, Evony 2). The Arch of Triumph data will be combined, and Temple data will follow the higher Server War rank.

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