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Poligenus Seems to be Evony’s New Best Mounted General


Poligenus is a wise and powerful leader of the Fireswarn Clan who brought a spark of hope to the people of the city-state. And Epic Historic General Poligenus can be an excellent mounted troops’ leader. General Poligenus seems can replace Zhao Yun to become the new best Main General of mounted troops. To get to know the Poligenus better, this article will introduce his all Special Skill, Specialty, Story, and how to gain him.
Evony Epic Historic General Poligenus
Evony Epic Historic General Poligenus

Poligenus’s Special Skill

Increases ground troops and mounted troops’ attack by 40% and increases mounted troops’ defense and HP by 25% when the General is leading the army to attack.
1* – Marching Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack, Defense, and HP +5%
2* – Enemy In-city Troop Wounded into Death rare +10%
3* – When attacking, Mounted Troop Attack +10%, March Size Capacity +10%
4* – Marching Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense and HP +20%
5* – Marching Mounted Troop Attack +30%, Defense and HP +25%

Poligenus’s Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  • Mounted Troop Assault – Mounted Troop Attack and HP +10%
  • Strike – March Speed +10%; Marching Mounted Troop Attack +20%
  • War God – All Troop Attack +6%
  • Firesworn – Mounted Troop Attack +40%; Mounted Troop Defense +35%

The Way to Get General Poligenus

  1. Epic Historic General Token

You will have a great chance to get the General Poligenus from the Epic Historic General (Premium) token. And the probability of getting Poligenus from the tokens is higher during Evony’s Independent Day Event.
Get Poligenus from Epic Historic General Premium Token
Get Poligenus from Epic Historic General Premium Token
So, how can we get the Epic Historic General Premium token?
  • The 5th-tier Event Package
  • Limited Offer – Points rewards, the final tier of the Monthly Package, and Lucky Bos IV
  • VIP Premium Package – VIP11 to VIP25
  • Champion Loyalty Rewards – Champion Lv11 to Lv20
  • Alliance Competition – Elite League Monarch Scores reach 3500, Legendary League Monarch Scores reach 4300, and Epic League Monarch Scores reach 3400 and 4200
  1. General Token Chest – Epic General Token

  • VIP Premium Package – VIP1 to VIP4
  • Champion Loyalty Rewards – Lv4 to Lv10
  • Alliance Competition – Novice League Monarch Scores reach 2600 and Junior League Monarch Scores reach 3000
  1. Historic General Summoning

During the Independent Day Event, Evony increases the chance of summoning Poligenus by 600%. So this seems an effective way to get Poligenus during the event. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t get Poligenus from later Historic General Summoning after the Independent Day Event.
Get Poligenus from Historic General Summoning
Get Poligenus from Historic General Summoning

Poligenus’s General Story

In the Golden Empire, the enlightened leader Poligenus, known as “The Exalted Prophet,” offered guidance and knowledge to his people, ushering their city-state into an era of advanced civilization. Yet, his egalitarian gestures at King Zucca’s feast earned the ire of the king, spurring a cruel game where the preservation of Poligenus’ honor hinged upon divine intervention.
Cornered by the king’s wrath, Poligenus ascended the sacred Etna Volcano amidst an imminent rebellion. Ignoring the agony of searing heat, he lifted the Blade of Flames, providing the invaluable fire source his people craved for. As punishment for his defiance, he was chained naked to a rock, left to endure the elements and an eagle’s relentless torment. Despite his sufferings, his commitment to his people strengthened, birthing a solemn oath.
In time, Poligenus broke free from his chains, leaving behind the Golden Empire. As the anointed king of his followers, now known as the “Firesworn”, his rule began to flourish. Thus, the legend of Poligenus Firesworn, a king of compassion and strength, started echoing across the realm.
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