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Killing Troops and Monsters: A Guide to Gaining General EXP in Evony


In Evony, Generals play an essential role in becoming a strong monarch. The level of a General determines their strength, and this level is directly related to their experience points (EXP). In this article, we will explain two methods to gain General EXP in Evony: Killing Troops and Killing Monsters.

Killing Troops

One way to achieve this is by killing or injuring enemy troops. However, not all battles are created equal, and some methods are more effective than others.

Killing Enemy Troops in Castles and Subordinate Cities

The EXP gained from killing or injuring enemy troops is directly related to the number of troops affected. Therefore, attacking an enemy castle with no troops will not improve your general’s EXP. On the other hand, attacking NPC troops in subordinate cities can be an effective way to upgrade your generals. To maximize this method, make sure to fill all of your subordinate city slots with troops.

The quality of the subordinate city being attacked also affects the amount of experience gained. A golden subordinate city will provide more experience and help your generals level up faster.

Matching with Subordinate Cities

Matching with subordinate cities is another way to improve your generals’ experience. When you do this, the experience of your marching main and assistant generals, main city defense main and assistant generals, and subordinate city generals will improve together. To make the most of this method, appoint the general you want to upgrade as a mayor.

Tips for Maximizing Your Generals’ Experience

Here are some additional tips to help you efficiently upgrade your generals:

  • Killing troops in the battlefield is not recommended as the EXP gained is only 30% of what it is outside of the battlefield.
  • The EXP gained by main and assistant generals is equal and depends on how many troops they kill or injure through attack or defense.
  • The EXP gained by each mayor depends on the number of enemy troops their sub-city troops kill or damage.
  • The higher the subordinate city level and the more troops it has, the more enemies it can kill or damage.

Killing Monsters

Kills common monsters, Boss monsters, and Event monsters have the opportunity to increase the EXP of the lead Generals.
Researching technologies at the Academy and using specific Skill Books can improve General EXP you can gain from monsters.
  • Academy – Military – Tactical EXP
  • Skill Book – Lv4 Monster’s Respect – Offer an extra 25% EXP from killing monsters when the General is leading the army.

In addition, it is possible to drop General EXP books by defeating monsters. The monsters who may drop General EXP books are shown as follows.

Monsters who can drop General EXP books with 100% probability:

  1. Boss monsters
  • B1 Zombie
  • B2 Redcap
  • B3 Centaur
  • B4 Skeleton Dragon
  • B5 Werewolf
  • B6 Manticore
  • B7 Yasha
  • B8 Peryton
  • B9 Minotaur
  • B10 Griffin
Killing these Boss monsters will drop the Boss Monster Chests, and unlocking the chests will give you the General EXP books.
  1. Royal Thief
Nightingale, Nell, and Duke
Killing Royal Thiefs to get Royal Thief Chests, and open the chests to get General EXP books.
  1. Event monsters
Hydra, Garuda, and Fenrir
  1. Viking Chief
This challenge requires 10 alliance members complete level 30 Hard Viking. And only R4 and R5 can start this challenge.

Monsters who are possible to drop General EXP books:

  1. Boss monsters
  • B14 Behemoth
  • B15 Phoenix
  • B16 Jormungandr
  • B17 Typhon
  1. Common monsters
  • Lv.2 Robber
  • Lv.13 Crafty Ranger
  • Lv.18 Hypocritical Knight
  • Lv.27 Ferocious Knight
  • Lv.32 Evil Knight
  • Lv.37 Teutonic Berserker
In conclusion, killing troops and monsters are effective ways to gain General EXP in Evony. By following the tips mentioned above, you can upgrade your Generals and become a stronger monarch.
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