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Join in Evony’s Alliance Duel and Generate Strategy to Reach Grandmaster Tier


Currently, Evony has created a new Event, called Alliance Duel. A player who wants to join this Event has to be in an Alliance and has ≥Lv10 Keep in his/her city. The Alliance Duel has 5 stages including sign-up, match, preparation, battle, and reward claiming. Each stage has its own rules. This article will introduce the detailed process of Alliance Duel and give some suggestions to win.

Evony Alliance Duel
Evony Alliance Duel

Sign-up Stage

The event cannot be registered uniformly by the alliance, and players who want to participate need to register themselves. An alliance needs 20 people to sign up to participate in the event.
During the sign up stage, players need to choose Left Line, Middle Line, or Right Line and send troops to the corresponding line.
This event is equivalent to a separate instance dungeon, so the troops participating in the event do not occupy the march slot nor affect the actual troops in your city.
The alliance tier is different, and the number of participants in each line is also different.
R5 and R4 of the alliance can choose a line to hide information such as their combat power and number of participants to confuse their opponents.
If a registered alliance member withdraws from the alliance in the subsequent process, the troops of this member can continue to participate in the competition, but the member will not receive rewards.

Evony Alliance Duel Sign-up Stage
Evony Alliance Duel Sign-up Stage

Match Stage

Evony will randomly group Alliances with similar tiers, with a maximum of 6 Alliances in each group.
Alliances that are successfully matched cannot be disbanded before the end of the current round.
After each round of battle for successfully matched alliances, all registered members will be rewarded regardless of whether they joined in this round or not.

Preparation Stage

In each round of the duel, one of the two alliances is the attacking side and the other is the defending side.
Every two alliances will have two battles, and the attacking and defending sides will be swapped in the second turn.
The opposing alliance can check the total combat power and the number of participants of the opponent’s two unhidden lines. And the R5 and R4 of the attacking alliance can adjust the position of the three lines in order to win.
  1. Detailed information on the opponent’s troops can not be viewed during the preparation stage.
  2. Alliance R5 and R4 can not adjust the player’s troop configuration.
Evony Alliance Duel Preparation Stage and Strategy
Evony Alliance Duel Preparation Stage and Strategy

Battle Stage

The troops on both sides will fight in a duel according to the queue order, from low power to high power.
When the power of a line of troops reaches zero or wins 3 times in a row, they will not fight again.
The side with the most surviving troops at the end of each line will win.
The alliance with more winning lines will win the round.
If an alliance does not match an opponent, the alliance wins directly and gets 30 points.
Each season consists of 4 rounds and lasts for 1 month. Your Alliance will fight against up to 5 Alliances in each round and get tier points based on ranking.

Reward Claiming Stage

After each round of battle, the Alliance will receive tier Points and tier Rewards according to the group ranking. Rewards include Duel Coins, Gems, a Resources Chest, and 1 Hour Speedup for Training.
Alliance tiers are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Gem, and Grandmaster.
After the end of the season, the Alliance will receive season rewards according to its tier. The higher the tier, the more Duel Coins and Gems the Alliance will get.
The Duel Coin can be used to redeem various precious items in the Alliance Duel Shop.
All members of an Alliance at the Grandmaster tier will receive a rare chat bubble – Duel Master Chat Bubble (30 Day).

Evony Alliance Duel Battle and Reward Claiming Stages
Evony Alliance Duel Battle and Reward Claiming Stages

Alliance Duel Recommended Strategy

  1. When signing up, try to increase your troops’ power as much as possible. You can use the buff of Senior March Size Increase (March Size +200%), Super Attack/Defense/HP Increase (10min), and finish 25 times’ Offer.
  2. We recommend choosing ground troops or ranged troops to participate in the Alliance Duel.
  3. It seems to be a good idea that uses the line with the best power to battle with the opponent’s hidden line.
  4. If there are lines with a large power gap, you can use the worst line against the best line opposite, so that the remaining two lines can win as much as possible.
  5. You can also get a lot of level rewards according to your prosperity points. You can earn points by completing corresponding tasks. The tasks are divided into 3 categories including Gathering, Alliance, and Ambition. And you can check them on the “Level Rewards” page by clicking the “+”. It should be noted that purchasing the Luxury Pivilege can get 150% prosperity points by quest completion.
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Evony Target

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