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How to Use Council of State with Evony’s Version Update


With the release of version 4.50.0, Evony added a new building called Council of State in everyone’s castle. The Council of State may help you become stronger in Evony. This article will explain its rules and functions in detail.

Senate Rules

Council of State has a Senate function. You can appoint generals to be a corresponding duty in the Senate.
The titles in Senate include:
  1. Governor
  2. Commander
  3. Marshal
Each of them have 4 positions for 4 different type of troops: Ground Troop, Mounted Troop, Ranged Troop, and Siege Machine.
You can appoint a general to be a corresponding position to bring buffs to your troops.
The higher the star level of a general, the higher the attributes he/she provides after being appointed. You can check the detailed attributes on the “Assigh Title” page.
The generals below star level 5 cannot be appointed.
After a position reaches a certain level, the advanced military title will be unlocked. The higher the military title grade is, the higher the attributes it provides.
You can unlock more military titles and corresponding positions by upgrading the level of the Council of State.
  • If the General’s Star level is raised while on duty, you need to appoint the General again to activate the new benefits.
  • While on duty, the General cannot assume other roles such as the leading General of a March, Mayor, or Officer.

Position Upgrade

And you can also upgrade your position level to unlock higher level attributes.
Upgrade Position Level in Senate
Upgrade Position Level in Senate
Some new attributes can be unlocked every 5 levels of each position.
Upgrade position levels need to consume Merit Jades, and some positions’ level up require a certain level of Council of State.
The higher a position level, the more Merit Jades are required to upgrade.

When your position level reaches the stage cap, you’ll need to consume additional Glory Golden Twigs to continue your progression.

  1. Merit Jade

You can get up to 15 Merit Jades everyday by killing monsters.

You can get 5 Merit Jades by reaching 80 and 110 Daily Activity.

  1. Glory Golden Twig

You can get up to 6 Glory Golden Twigs everyday by killing monsters.
You can get 1 Glory Golden Twigs by reaching 80 and 110 Daily Activity.
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