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How to Gain General EXP through Events and Purchasing Packages


In Evony, Generals are a crucial element in becoming a strong monarch. The higher a General’s level, the stronger they become, and their levels depend on their accumulated EXP (experience). Today, we will explain two methods on how to gain General EXP in Evony: Events and Purchasing Packages.

King’s Path

King’s Path is an event in which you can earn General EXP from King’s Path Rewards Chests by completing tasks. Each task you complete earns you a point, and the number of points determines the number of reward chests you receive. Additionally, completing Day 1 tasks, such as City Tax, Hoarding Food and Lumber, and Mining Stone and Ore can also earn you General EXP.

Holiday Celebration

During the Holiday Celebration, visiting Lv.1 Junior Celebration Squad can grant gifts, including General EXP.

Dwarf’s Lucky Apple

Another way to obtain General EXP is through Dwarf’s Lucky Apple. By making a wish for Lucky Apple – Wealth, you have a chance to get 1K General EXP *20. It only requires 1 Wishing Coin to make a wish, and Wishing Coins can be obtained by killing monsters and gathering resources.

Special Events

Special Events, such as the Delphic Oracle Event, offer General EXP books as rewards. During the event, using the Glory of Astraeus to make a wish in Apollo’s Glory can also provide a chance to obtain General EXP.

Purchasing Packages

Aside from events, Festival Event Packages are the primary packages that contain General EXP books. However, be sure to check the contents of other packages, as they may also include General EXP books.

In conclusion, Generals play a significant role in becoming a powerful ruler in Evony, and acquiring General EXP can greatly enhance their strength. By participating in events and purchasing packages, players can efficiently gain General EXP and strengthen their armies.

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