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Gain General EXP in Evony: Through Battlefield Shop and Black Market


In Evony, Generals are an essential part of becoming stronger for every player. The higher the level of a General, the stronger the General becomes. A General’s level depends on the experience points or EXP they gain. Today, we will explain two primary methods of gaining General EXP in Evony: the Battlefield Shop and the Black Market.

Battlefield Shop

You can spend Badges to purchase General EXP books in the Battlefield Shop. The items in this shop refresh regularly. You get 3 free refreshes every day.

Black Market

You can buy General EXP books by spending Gems in the Black Market. This is an efficient way to gain a large amount of General EXP. Once you reach VIP level 13, you can unlock the Rebuy feature.
The higher the level of your Market, the higher the quality of items available in the Black Market.
Buy General EXP in Black Market
Buy General EXP in Black Market


Other methods

  1. Server Gift – You can receive General EXP books as server gifts.
  2. Daily Rewards – By logging in daily, you can receive rewards that sometimes include General EXP books.
  3. Daily Activity – Completing daily activity missions can reward you with General EXP books.
  4. Patrol – Patrolling the Walls can yield items, including General EXP. You get 3 free Patrols per day and can spend Gems for more. You can also spend Gold to refresh the items gained from Patrol to get what you want. Completing daily patrol tasks gives additional rewards on the Activity page, including General EXP.
  5. Poem of History – Unlock “The Prosperity of the Kingdom” to claim 3 lots of 5,000 General EXP. Requirement: The Server must have 10 Alliances, each with above 20M power.
  6. Monarch Competition – In the “Monster Killing” stage, you can receive rewards, including up to 237 lots of 1,000 General EXP books, based on your score.
  7. Dawn of Civilization and Advanced Journey – Increase your level to earn rewards: Level 9 – 2 lots of 5K General EXP; Level 24 – 3 lots of 5K General EXP
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