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From Gamer to CEO: David Guo’s Strategic Leadership on Evony


Since its release, Evony: The King’s Return has generated notable buzz in the mobile gaming community, with its engaging gameplay, complex design, and easy-to-use social features, reaching over $385,751,902 in revenue and over 62 million Downloads in 2022.



“If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.” – B.C. Forbes

The gaming industry is a cutthroat arena where companies vie for dominance. Every year, countless new players enter the fray, hoping to strike gold with the next big game. But success is elusive and often fleeting. To truly stand out, one must not rely on luck alone. Success demands a clear vision and a focused effort in the right direction. In this industry, the stakes are high and only the most dedicated and strategic companies will emerge victorious.

Exceptional User Experience

David Guo, the mastermind behind the success of Evony, has built a reputation for his unrelenting commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience. As an avid gamer, he was disheartened by the lack of attention that many game companies paid to user experience. It was this realization that led him to pursue a career in game development, with a singular focus on creating games that would bring joy to gamers worldwide. With years of experience in project management and software development, he co-founded Top Games and assumed the role of CEO, where he continues to drive the company’s mission of delivering top-quality games that prioritize user experience above all else.

“We aimed to create the best gaming experience possible and to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience,” said David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc.

Don’t Let Perfection Be The Enemy of Good

A good game development team utilizes agile development methods, allowing the team to iterate quickly and continuously improve their games. This means the team can release new games faster and respond to market demands more efficiently. Additionally, top games strive to keep things fresh and exciting by constantly experimenting with new ideas and creative approaches during the development process, ensuring a high level of quality in the final product.

“Looking at the leading companies in your field, they might never own a perfect product or service. But what they do own is excellence,” says Benjamin Gifford, VP of Top Games Inc.

David Guo’s leadership has been instrumental in driving Top Games to new heights of success. His team’s popular game, Evony, has achieved impressive results and garnered numerous accolades, propelling Top Games to the forefront of major app stores and establishing it as a highly valued company.

In 2022, Evony achieved several significant accomplishments in the video game industry. These include winning the NYX Silver Award, becoming one of the top-grossing game developers, ranking highly on various lists of top gaming companies, and receiving the Samsung Galaxy Store 2022 Best MMO Award. These achievements demonstrate Evony’s financial success, critical acclaim, and position as a leading game developer in the industry.

Through his innovative vision and strategic thinking, David has inspired his team to create games that resonate with players around the world. Under his guidance, Top Games has become a leading player in the highly competitive gaming industry, known for its commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

With David at the helm, Top Games is poised for continued growth and success and is sure to remain a top player in the app store marketplace for years to come.

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