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Exciting Civilization Celebration Events Await in Evony!


To express their gratitude for the continuous support and love from players, Evony is hosting a series of exhilarating events from June 20th to 22nd. Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience filled with rewards and surprises!

Civilization Celebration Events

The Wheel of Civilization Event

During this event, players can use to spin the . Every spin holds the potential to unlock fantastic rewards, such as the highly coveted for both Conquest and Supremacy. Noble Coins can be acquired from various sources, including , Resource Spots, and Wheel of Civilization . If you have any remaining Noble Coins after the event concludes, they will be converted into .

General Portrait Exhibition Event

In the event, players have the opportunity to obtain General's Invitations. These invitations can be acquired through the , Activity Chests, and Packages. By redeeming General's Invitations, players can obtain Historic Generals, valuable resources, and . This round of the event offers a higher probability of obtaining Epic Historic Generals like Tomyris, Yeon Gaesomun, Lautaro, and Hōjō Ujiyasu.

King's Scheme Event

The King's Scheme event brings that can be obtained through event sales. Players can redeem specific Generals from the available options or acquire of Common, Rare, or Superquality. In this round, players can redeem Generals like , , and . Stay tuned for the next round, where you can redeem Generals like , James Bowie, and .

Strategic Stockpile Event

Participate in the Event and unlock rewards by purchasing a certain amount of every day. This event offers daily resets, so be sure to claim your rewards in a timely manner.

Golden Refining Event

The Event awaits you with incredible rewards. Simply complete daily quests to earn a plethora of prizes. Remember to claim your rewards promptly, as the event resets daily.

The Silk Road Event

Embark on the Silk Road and reap rewards through silk consumption. By completing quests, players can acquire rare and valuable items. Please note that the event items will disappear three days after the event concludes, so make sure to utilize them in time.

Consuming Return Event

Prepare for the short-term Consuming Return Event, where players can earn fantastic rewards by consuming a specific amount of Gold and certain Speedups. Don't miss out on this opportunity to obtain amazing prizes.

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Join the festivities in Evony's Civilization Celebration events and indulge in thrilling gameplay, abundant rewards, and unforgettable experiences. Immerse yourself in this captivating world and forge your path to victory!

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Evony Target

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