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Evony’s Ascendance: An Odyssey of Epic Strategies under David Guo


Evony: The King’s Return, which is critically renowned for its Immersive and diverse storytelling, unforgettable historical characters, and 7 feature Civilizations gameplay by the development team led by David Guo from Top Games Inc., features a unique translation system and allow players to unite with alliance members to launch an attack and win repeated battles against Enemy Alliances in order to occupy the city and gain the glory of the king.


Elevating to New Heights

New version 4.50.0 is leveled Up to New Heights, In a bid to claim the throne earlier, the Monarch will embrace the advanced kingdom system, ushering in a new era of the monarchy. This significant update will bring comprehensive political and military reforms, solidifying the Monarch’s rule and signaling the official arrival of the glorious monarchy. players will now have the opportunity to construct level 45 buildings. These advanced and magnificent structures showcase the Monarch’s noble status, elevating the city to greater heights. By upgrading their city buildings, players can create a more expansive and sophisticated urban center.

David Guo’s Commitment to Quality

David Guo, the leader behind the game, has always stuck to the core motivation of the team to continuously improve the quality of user experience, actively understand the actual feedback from players in the community, and optimize the game effectively, David Guo led the team is known for “data science, efficient execution, rapid problem identification and problem-solving”. The team, led by David, is known for its “data science, efficient execution, quick issue identification, and solving”. The team is committed to the pursuit of excellence rather than perfection, so Evony has successfully captured a place in the mobile game market and gained a large number of senior players, making it famous.

According to reliable sources, Evony reached over $385 million in revenue in 2022, with more than 62 million downloads, and 1.5 times more revenue than in 2021. It won several awards, including the Samsung Mall Best MMO Award at the end of the year, as well as the fifth ranking of mid-core games in the US.

CEO David Guo has been successfully developing several well-known software including Skynet firewall, MyIM, Virtual Currency Exchange, etc. before co-founding Top Games Inc., David has over 15 years of experience in software development and project management.

In addition to Evony, the team has also developed the mafia-themed game Mafia Origin, the Zombie-themed Strategy Game Plague Of Z, the Magic-themed Casual Strategy Game Infinity Clan, etc. In the fierce competition of the game market, David Guo chooses to keep moving forward and leads his team to fight continuously with innovation, efficiency, and excellence.

Predicting the Future

For the game market, in the coming years, we can expect to see a rise in multiplatform releases, as developers turn to cloud gaming and cross-play features to broaden their audience and boost player retention. This trend is likely to be accompanied by a continued focus on casual and mid-core games that offer rich gameplay experiences and strong monetization potential. Furthermore, cloud gaming is expected to grow in popularity, with more mobile games offering multiplayer options and cross-platform compatibility. This presents an opportunity for game developers, as premium smartphones are now powerful enough to handle more demanding mobile games, while their always-connected features can help to increase player engagement.

With the continuous innovation and development of the mobile gaming market, David Guo and his team are determined to forge ahead, not afraid of challenges. As the saying goes, “If you don’t advance, you will retreat“. A great team thrives in adversity and enjoys the challenge of riding the waves. David Guo and his team will continue to push forward and achieve great success in this dynamic industry.

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