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Evony Unveils Version 4.50.0 with Exciting Features


Evony, the popular online strategy game, is set to release its highly anticipated version 4.50.0, bringing a host of new features and improvements. With a focus on enhancing gameplay and expanding the world of kingdoms, this update promises an exciting experience for players. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this latest release.

Evony Version 4.50.0

Ascension to Power: Introducing the Advanced Kingdom System

In a bid to claim the throne earlier, the Monarch will embrace the advanced kingdom system, ushering in a new era of monarchy. This significant update will bring comprehensive political and military reforms, solidifying the Monarch’s rule and signaling the official arrival of the glorious monarchy.

Expanding City Buildings: Level Up to New Heights

With the version update, players will now have the opportunity to construct level 45 buildings. These advanced and magnificent structures showcase the Monarch’s noble status, elevating the city to greater heights. By upgrading their city buildings, players can create a more expansive and sophisticated urban center.

Council of State: A Key Building for Military-Political Governance

To establish efficient military and political governance within the city, the Monarch can now establish a Council of State. This crucial addition marks a significant step towards achieving a well-organized Kingdom’s Military-Political Governance system. By appointing historic generals to military titles and positions, the Monarch can benefit from attribute bonuses.

Advanced Troops: Conquer the Continent

Version 4.50.0 introduces powerful level 16 troops from various civilizations. Players can train these advanced troops, earning their loyalty and support in their quest to conquer the continent. These formidable soldiers will aid the Monarch in expanding their territories and strengthening their rule.

Subordinate City Capacity: Expanding Domination

Under the Monarch’s leadership, exceptional generals will command powerful armies, enabling the conquest of new territories. After fulfilling specific conditions, players will unlock two additional Subordinate City slots, allowing them to extend their influence and solidify their dominion.

Restoring the Glory of Civilization: Embrace the Miracles of the Past

The remnants of past civilizations hold tales of bygone glory. In this update, the Monarch will have the opportunity to repair relics, collect historical civilization landscapes, and restore their former splendor. The introduction of the new building, Ideal Land, will enable players to curate their own museums, activating powerful attributes by unlocking specific buildings.

Ancient Ruins and Renaissance Styles: Unveiling Architectural Wonders

The version update introduces two captivating architectural styles. Ancient Ruins, weathered by the passage of time, evoke a sense of awe and wonder. Players can clear these ruins and rebuild them in their preferred style. The Renaissance style boasts luxurious court buildings adorned with extravagant carvings and gilding. Players can acquire stunning civilization buildings through various events and gameplay, adding a touch of grandeur to their cities.

Technological Advancements: Mastering Military Strategy

Having encountered formidable opponents throughout their conquests, the Monarch has gained insights into advanced military formations and tactics from diverse civilizations. As a result, the city now possesses higher-level trap technology, capable of producing more advanced traps. Researching Melee and Long Range Formations in the Military Academy further enhances the city’s military capabilities. Additionally, researching Defense Advance in the Academy improves the city’s defensive strength.

Unleashing the Power of Spiritual Beasts

Accompanying the Generals into battle, Spiritual Beasts awaken their ancient powers. Dragons, in particular, undergo a talent breakthrough, unlocking greater strength. By reaching specific levels, Siren, Nine-tailed Fox, and Pegasus unlock the Spiritual Beast Seal feature, each providing unique attributes. Upgrading seals not only unlocks Innate Skills but also activates additional effects based on the total level of seals. Players can also raise Dragons’ talent to higher levels, resulting in greater attribute bonuses.

Enhanced Event Experience: Generous Rewards Await

To enrich the event experience, this update includes comprehensive improvements to event rewards. Daily and limited events will provide players with more generous rewards, enhancing their progression. The value of many packages, including holiday packages, event packages, and limited packages, will be significantly increased. Rewards across various activities, such as Monsters, Battlefields, Regular Events, and Holiday Events, will be comprehensively enhanced. Additionally, the number of Garuda that can be summoned on the map will be increased, with improved rewards. Players can now challenge the Excellent Garuda through Alliance for an added thrill. Moreover, a Hard mode will be introduced to the Undead Invasion event, offering a greater challenge but with increased scores and rewards.

Additional Content: Resource Spots, Boss Monsters, and Balance Adjustments

Version 4.50.0 also introduces richer Resource Spots on the map, providing players with more opportunities to gather valuable resources. New Boss Monsters await players, offering bountiful rewards upon their defeat. Upon completing the newly added Poem of History quest – Beast Tide, players can unlock these formidable adversaries. Furthermore, the action priority of Level 15 and Level 16 Siege Machines has been increased, ensuring a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

With the release of Evony Version 4.50.0, players can look forward to a myriad of exciting features, expanded gameplay mechanics, and improved rewards. Dive into the world of kingdoms, establish your rule, and make your mark in this ever-evolving strategy game.

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