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David Guo Shares Vision for Inclusive Gaming Community After Evony’s Award Win


David Guo, the CEO and Co-Founder of Top Games Inc. expressed his gratitude on behalf of his team for the prestigious recognition of Best MMO in the Samsung Store for 2022. David extended his heartfelt thanks to the game’s loyal players, emphasizing the unifying power of games that transcends geographical boundaries. He expressed his vision of fostering an even more vibrant, inclusive long-lasting gaming community.

Evony War Concept Image-min
Evony War Concept Image-min

New Version 4.50.0

Recently, The flagship Game Evony from Top Games Inc., released Version 4.50.0, introducing a host of exciting new features and adjustments to the game. The Monarch will adopt the advanced kingdom system, announcing comprehensive political and military reforms, and establishing Kingdom Military-Political Governance. Level 45 buildings will launch, and a Council of State will be established to manage military and political affairs. The Monarch can appoint Historic Generals to receive attribute bonuses and train new advanced troops. Two additional Subordinate City slots can be unlocked, and players can restore ancient civilization relics and landscapes. The game will introduce new building styles, including Ancient Ruins and Renaissance. Technological and academic innovation will improve defense levels, produce higher-level traps, and research new formations. Spiritual Beasts will follow Generals into battle, with the Dragons reaching a new talent breakthrough. Players can upgrade seals to unlock Innate Skills and activate additional effects of Innate Skills based on the total level of seals. Overall, these changes aim to increase the Monarch’s power and influence in the game.

Why does Evony capture the hearts of hundreds of millions of players?

One of the standout features of Evony: The King’s Return is its auto-translation system, enabling players from different cultures and countries to communicate and forge friendships. Players can form and join alliances, enhancing their battle strategies and challenging adversaries across the platform. The game offers a high degree of interactivity and creative potential, allowing players to continually explore new strategies for building, defending, and interacting, making the gaming experience incredibly rewarding.

Moreover, Evony: The King’s Return offers an interactive puzzle feature, presenting players with a variety of puzzles of varying difficulty levels throughout the game. This feature, ranging from simple to highly challenging puzzles, adds an engaging dimension to the player experience, rewarding puzzle-solving with numerous free items.

Evony: The King’s Return has also been recognized with several other awards, including a Silver at the NYX Game Awards 2022, In September, Evony ranks 5th in its list of Top Ten US-Headquartered Mid-Core Games, according to Data.ai., receiving the Exemplary Cinematography Merit Award for its Super Bowl Commercial with The One Show, and ranking #2 in the Top 10 Music & Sound Award for Super Bowl Commercials with Shoot Digital.

Picture of Evony Target

Evony Target

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