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Creating Meaningful Experiences: David Guo’s Vision for Mobile Gaming


David Guo is a well-known name in the world of mobile gaming. He is the CEO of Top Games Inc., a company that has created some of the most popular mobile games in recent years, including Evony: The King’s Return. The game allows players to build their own cities, manage resources, and interact with other players. The game has been praised for its complexity and depth, establishing Top Games Inc. as a leader in mobile gaming.


David Guo joined forces with Benjamin and a team of professionals to develop the phenomenal hit mobile game Evony, which has been a huge success, with Sensor Tower reports showing significant growth in the net revenue of “Evony: The King’s Return” in 2022. The worldwide net revenue reached a staggering $385,751,902, a 1.5 times increase from 2021’s revenue of $221,676,485, enjoyed more than 62 million Downloads, has achieved a wealth of achievements, click to see Evony Wins Multiple Awards in 2022.

As the CEO of Top Games Inc., David Guo has been instrumental in the game’s development since its launch in 2015. He has overseen the design and programming of the game and its various updates and has been involved in the marketing and promotion of the game to build its user base and ensure its popularity with players.

David Guo attributes the success of Top Games Inc. to several factors. Firstly, the company focuses heavily on its players to ensure that each game offers a high-quality experience. Top Games Inc. builds games fast yet responsibly, which has helped to establish the company as a leader in the industry. Secondly, Guo relies heavily on data science when making decisions about game development. This approach has proven successful, as data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers than those that don’t use data science.

David Guo has had a significant influence on the gaming industry. He believes that video games can bring people together and should be designed to create meaningful experiences. He has worked hard to ensure that Top Games Inc.’s games are of the highest quality, and has even been involved in the development of some of the company’s games.

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