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A Guide to Pairing General Mu Guiying to Lead Siege Machine


Taking advantage of the Chinese New Year, Evony has added a new general, Mu Guiying, to the game during the Romantic Spring Festival Event. She was a heroine of Chinese history. In Evony, Mu Guiying can bring great buffs to Siege Machine. Please read this article to learn about her General Story, attributes, General Covenant, ways to obtain, and general combinations.

The General Story of Mu Guiying

In the 11th century AD, as the border of the Song Dynasty was on the verge of being breached by the Liao Dynasty’s forces, Mu Guiying, a renowned general of the Song, led her troops in a charge that crushed the Liao army, thus beginning her legendary career in defending her nation.
To address the military threats surrounding the Song Dynasty, Mu Guiying demonstrated the heroic spirit of shouldering the national burden, launching expeditions to protect her homeland. She masterfully commanded the Song forces in ambushes that severely damaged the formidable Liao army, averting the crisis of Liao incursions. Later, she led the Song army on campaigns against the Western Xia Dynasty, repelling enemy forces and slaying enemy generals time and again, earning distinguished service for the peace of the Song’s borders. Beyond her victories in war, she treated captives with kindness, winning their allegiance to the Song Dynasty.
Mu Guiying stands as an outstanding representative of valiant female generals in ancient Chinese tales. Her fearless spirit continues to inspire generations, making her one of the four great heroines of China.
Evony Epic Historic General Mu Guiying
Evony Epic Historic General Mu Guiying

The Special Skill of Mu Guiying

Initial Special Skill:
Heroine of the Yang Family“: Increases siege machines’ attack by 45% and siege machines’ defense and HP by 20% when the General is leading the army.
General Ascending Special Skill:
1★ – Siege Machine Attack +5% and Defense +15%
2★ – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +10%
3★ – Siege Machine Attack +5%; March Size Capacity +8%
4★ – Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense +20%; Siege Machine Attack +30%
5★ – Siege Machine Attack +25%; Siege Machine Defense and HP +15%

The Max Level Specialty of Mu Guiying

  • Siege Machine Assault: Siege Machine Attack and HP +10%
  • Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine Ares: Siege Machine Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Defeat the Liao army: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +40%

The General Covenant of Mu Guiying

The generals who have the covenant with Mu Guiying are General Elektra, Yue Fei, and Guan Yu.
The General Covenant of Evony General Mu Guiying
The General Covenant of Evony General Mu Guiying
War Covenant
Siege Machine Attack +5%
Cooperation Covenant
Siege Machine Defense +5%
Hospital Capacity +5% (Take effect unconditionally)
Peace Covenant
In-Rally Siege Machine Defense +10%
Siege Machine Training Capacity +10% (Take effect unconditionally)
Faith Covenant
In-Rally Siege Machine HP +10%
Siege Machine HP +5%
Honor Covenant
In-Rally Siege Machine Attack +15%
Civilization Covenant
Marching Siege Machine Attack +10%
March Size Capacity +5%
— — —
Except for the attributes that are specially marked “Take effect unconditionally” later, the rest attributes are only effective for this Historic General. You can explore even more of How To Use The General Covenant Feature To Be Stronger In Evony?

The Way to Obtain Mu Guiying

  1. General Tokens

You can get General Mu Guiying from the Epic General Token and Epic Historic General (Premium) Token.
Get Evony General Mu Guiying from General Tokens
Get Evony General Mu Guiying from General Tokens
There are many ways to obtain general tokens, such as the 5th-tier event packages, Champion Loyalty Rewards, VIP Premium Package, Limited Offer, etc. Here is a free way to add:

Server Monarch Competition

You can find the Server Monarch Competition in the Event Center.
During the event, you and your server need to get as many scores as possible in each stage. Because in the end, the Total Ranking Rewards will be issued based on your overall scores ranking. This reward may contain the general tokens you need.
If your server eventually loses, you will not be rewarded with general tokens. But if your server wins, the top three can all get different general tokens. The specific details are as follows:
  Total Ranking Rewards – Victory
  • Place 1 Epic Historic General (Premium) Token *1
  • Place 2 Epic General Token *1
  • Place 3 General Token Chest *1
  1. Historic General Summoning

You can use Epic Historic General Glory to summon Mu Guiying at the Historic General Summoning event. During the Romantic Spring Festival, the probability of summoning Mu Guiying is greatly increased. Although the summoning probability will change in the future, Mu Guiying can still be obtained through this event.
Get Evony Mu Guiying from Historic General Summoning
Get Evony Mu Guiying from Historic General Summoning

Siege Machine General Combinations

As a Siege Machine General, Mu Guiying has a high attack buff when her Special Skill reaches full star and her Specialty reaches max level. But the defense and HP buffs are not as good as General Pallas.
Additionally, Mu Guiying cannot use the Siege Machine Attack Skill Book. Regardless of whether she serves as Main General or Assistant General, her partner general cannot use this skill book.
After Mu Guiying’s Covenant attributes are all unlocked, although it can increase attack, defense, and HP by 5%, it requires training three additional generals, which is relatively expensive. On the other hand, Pallas has General Skin that can offer good buffs and debuffs directly.
As for Assistant General, Kleos’ initial Special Skill does not conflict with the Siege Machine Attack Skill Book and contains March Size +12%, and he also has the General Skin bonus. If Mu Guiying serves as the Assistant General, the three-dimensional gain effect on Siege Machine is not as good as Kleos. Read on to learn a bit more about A Complete Guide To Maximizing March Size In Evony

Considering various factors, Pallas + Kleos is still the strongest general combination of Siege Machines at present.

However, this does not mean that you cannot use Mu Guiying to lead Siege Machines, because her attributes are still good. Mu Guiying can serve as the general of the second Siege Machine formation. In addition to Pallas and Kleos, Mu Guiying can also be paired with John Hunyadi, Edward Teach, and Zucca.
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