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David Guo

As the team leader behind Evony, David Guo has over 20 years of project development experience, so let's learn more about his insights into the game

Top Games Inc.

Top Games Inc. is a global video game publisher and developer founded in 2015. Their titles include Evony: The King's Return, Plague of Z, Infinity Clan.

Benjamin Gifford

As Vice Development Director of Evony  and Vice President of Top Games Inc., Benjamin assisted David in co-managing all aspects of the game development.


A well-known real-time war simulation game, has attracted more than 200 million players since its release in 2016


Evony allows players to choose from 7 different civilizations (American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean, Arabia, and Japanese) and roles to build their own kingdoms and form alliances to resist enemies. An interactive puzzle feature with thousands of puzzle scenes provides a fun interactive element that effectively supplements this engaging war-strategy title.

PvP Battles

Players can engage in various PvP battles with other players, such as invading castles, capturing resource points and relics, occupying subsidiary cities and more. Players can also team up with their alliances to participate in large-scale cross-server wars.

Amazing Events

In Evony, players can enjoy a variety of Events such as routine Events, Festival Celebrations. Additionally, the game features co-branded Events with well-known icons like Godzilla and Kong Collaboration.


Players can recruit the Historic Generals, such as: George Washington, Genghis Khan, Qin Shihuang,Alexander the Great, etc. These generals possess Special Skills and Specialty that can turn the tide of battle in favor of the player's army. 

City Management

As the city grows, players have to not only develop armies to defeat enemies but also manage resources and food to ensure the city's stability.

Option to Spend Money to Advance Faster: Players have the option to spend money to advance faster.

translation system

Evony is played globally in 150 countries and is available in 24 languages, thanks to its automatic translation system that breaks down multilingual barriers and connects players from all over the world.


NYX Silver Award

Evony: The King’s Return brings the bacon home with the NYX Silver Award in the 2022 NYX Game Awards Season 1 cycle.

Top-grossing Game

In April, Top Games Inc. has become one of the top-grossing game developers for April, according to data compiled through "Top Companies April 2022."

#5 Mid-Core Games

Evony ranks 5th in its list of Top Ten US-Headquartered Mid-Core Games, according to Data.ai in September, 2022 

Best MMO Award

At the end of 2022, Evony received the Samsung Galaxy Store 2022 Best MMO Award.


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Top Games and Evony

As a gaming company, we prioritize the user experience and satisfaction above all else and believe that the key to success in the gaming industry is to create games that are great from the player's perspective, not just the designer's perspective


David Guo

CEO / Top Games Inc.

Looking at the leading companies in your field, they might never own a perfect product or service. But what they do own is excellence,


VP / Top Games Inc.